Surprise Military Homecoming || Summersville, West Virginia || September 10, 2016

We have all sat in our homes and watched those videos.  You know the ones.  The ones of military personnel returning home from deployments to surprise family members.  We have all cried while watching such touching moments.  I will admit wholeheartedly that I cry every single time I watch them.  When Stephanie contacted me about her husband Ryan surprising their children after a 9 month deployment, I immediately teared up and enthusiastically said yes!  This past weekend the annual Potato Festival was held in Summersville, West Virginia and that was the whole set for the big surprise.  Stephanie and Ryan's children were on the youth soccer league float behind the Richwood High School Marching Band.  Myself along with complete strangers watched the scene unfold, and we all shed so many happy tears for this amazing family!  Thank you to Ryan for his service to our country and a thank you to Stephanie and their children for their sacrifice!  Welcome home!!!