10 Things I Take to Every Wedding || Behind the Scenes || 07/27/2016

Over the last two years of shooting weddings, I have said to myself, more times that I can count, "I wish I had a ____" or "_____ sure would be useful right now".  Well I made a list, checked it twice, and I am going to share that list with you!!  

1. Bride hanger

It seems that cute, customized hangers are pretty trendy, but not all brides have them.  Aesthetically, the plastic hangers from bridal boutiques aren't the best option for the epic dress shot.  A hanger that says "bride" isn't a necessity.  Any wooden hanger looks good in a photo.  I ordered mine from Amazon.  

2.  Dental wax

First of all, I gotta give props to my girl Jasmine Star for dishing out this little secret of hers.  You are probably thinking that I am crazy and what use could dental wax possibly provide me on a wedding day.  Well lemme tell ya!  Dental wax will make ALL wedding rings do exactly what  you want them to.  Stand up, lay down, stick together.  Just call yourself the ring shot master with dental wax in your arsenal!!

3. First Aid Kit

After the last wedding I attended as a second shooter, a first aid kit truly seemed to be something everyone needs to have available at any moment.  A sweet grandmother took a tumble and long story short ended up with nine stitches.  In the heat of the scary moment no one knew where the first aid kit could be found at the church.  I immediately put it on my list.  Next time, I know exactly where the first aid kit will be!  

4. Safety Pins

There's always something that needs pinned up.

5. Boutonniere pins

There was only one wedding that boutonniere pins weren't available for the boutonnieres.  They were homemade, and it was just that small detail that someone overlooked.  Luckily, I had safety pins and made those work in the moment, but quickly added boutonniere pins to my list.  

6. Scissors

Hands down the most used "tool" in my bag of awesomeness.

7. Crochet Hooks

During my downtime at weddings, I take up my second favorite hobby....whaaaat?!  HAHAHA!  No, they are super handy for hooking all those thousands of buttons down the backs of gorgeous wedding gowns!!    

8. Command Hooks

Easily hang wedding dresses anywhere you please.  Bam, epic dress shot accomplished.  

9. Double Sided Tape

Quite a versatile tool for many uses.  Pesky straps, loose ribbons, out of place bows, basically you can put anything in it's place with double sided tape.  

10. Ring Shot Props

This last one can be just about anything you want it to be.  I love having glittery and sparkly stuff to create amazing bokeh behind my rings.  My go-to is a spool of silver sparkly ribbon!  

I am feeling generous so I will include a BONUS!!  The first thing I always make sure I pack on wedding days is a complete second outfit.  I'm talking everything.  Even down to undies and shoes!  That seems silly to some, but hear me out.  Fall in a lake, no worries!  You have a second outfit.  Fall in mud, no worries!  You have a second outfit.  Get caught in a torrential downpour, no worries!  You have a second outfit.  I could go on with the AWFUL scenarios, but you get my point.  You have a second outfit!!  

Happy Wedding Wednesday friends!!!