Camden's 3rd Birthday

On April 12th my baby boy turned 3.  3!!!  I could not even begin to tell you where the last three years have gone.  Gretchin Rubin said it perfectly, "The days are long, but the years are short."  So so short!!  I will never forget the first moment I saw him, or the first time he smiled, or his first steps, or the first time he said momma.  All these sweet, precious memories are ingrained on my soul.  I am so blessed to be his momma!!  

Cam's birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, and with family schedules and work schedules we eventually settled on having his birthday party on April 24th.  On his birthday, he and I made Minion cupcakes and we celebrated as a family of three with a nice quiet dinner.  

The weekend of April 16th, Cam and I ended up in Fayette county with my mom, and Grammee Martin was very prepared to celebrate the birthday boy!  When we arrived, she had the cutest blueberry muffin cake baked, and a birthday sign strung up in her country kitchen.  My mom lives on 60 acres at the very end of a dirt road.  It's where I grew up, and it's one of my favorite places.  Cam and I always enjoy walks around the fields, watching the wild turkey and whitetail, and playing on Grammee's lawn mower.    

After counting down many days, and putting an X on each day, Cam's birthday party finally arrived.  He basically spent all of March and April in anticipation for his party.  I let him pick what kind of party he wanted to have and he picked Rescue Bots/Transformers.  Two things I have done since his 1st birthday, is make homemade decorations and a homemade cake, and I LOVE doing both!!  Even Adam was impressed with the gear birthday sign, and all the party guests enjoyed the colorful Rescue Bot colored cake!

We invited mainly family a few friends to our home.  The weather was perfect for porch sitting and bubble blowing!  Thank you to everyone who made the trip to Weston to celebrate with us.  We were so happy to have you all with us!  

I am a lover of birthday celebrations!!  I love the planning, decorating, and cake baking!  Spending three full weeks celebrating my sweet boy was wonderful, and may continue next year!