Fayette County, West Virginia || 1st Birthday Celebrations

I spent last weekend in my hometown area with two families as they celebrated their children's first birthdays.  First birthday parties are not for the kids, we, as parents know this.  Our babies won't remember the cake or decorations or how many people were there.  But we, as parents, will remember everything about that day.  We will fondly look back to the day our lives were changed and a tiny human being was placed in our arms.  We will reminisce about the first year and how we conquered the parenting world one dirty diaper at a time.  We will be thankful we survived the first year of sleepless nights, first fevers, first falls and scraps and bruises.  At the end of the day when the gifts have been opened, the guests have gone, and our sweet one year olds are  sound asleep, it will be us, the parents, who will remember this day.  We will remember the smiling and giggling as our babies were passed around from family member to family member.  We will remember holding back our parent tears as we choked out the birthday song for the first time.  We will remember how tiny and chubby our babies hands were when they dove into their cake for the first time.  We will remember every detail from that first birthday and we will celebrate our babies first year of life.  

I was so honored to celebrate the first birthdays of Delilah, Liam, and Tessa.  Thank you Stacey, RC, and Stephanie for inviting me to be part of such a memorable day in your families lives!